Stone and Crystals  Stud   Earrings $1742bb1

Rhodium and Micro zircon Ring $297

Earring with Stones $111

   The Moda-Couture    jewellery  conception   made from Brazilian semi-precious and precious gems brings an innovative jewellery with an artistic look to stabilize and balance your energy.

 Moda-Couture's collection is completely unique.Those with an appreciation for original jewellery will fall in love with ours unique  pieces .




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Heading 2

Pink Quartz Stone and   Zircon  Fan Earring $111 Qding

7 Chakras Stone Pendant to balance and stabilize energy $45

Necklace With Fringe and    Smoked Crystal  $129

Leather Cord Necklace with Stone Pendant $63

Onix Stone Metal base ring $111


White Rhodium Earrings $78 

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Zircon  Stones  Earrings $205