• Cristina Ribeiro

Winter Time

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Woolen accessories are perfect to add extra warmth to your winter look. Pick a chunky knitted scarf, a slouchy hat or a stylish head band. Emphasize your personal style and choose winter accessories in timeless dark blue, modern black,gray or warm and modern rust . Gloves are an absolute must on colder days! Invest in playful knitted mittens or modern leather gloves. Combine knitted mittens with a matching scarf, a slouchy hat and a down jacket or bomber jacket. Team your leather gloves with a classic cloak or a leather biker jacket and complement with a cashmere scarf.

Hats A hat is the perfect accessory to emphasize your personal style. Create a nautical look with a cable knitted hat with folded edge, a bohemian outfit with a felted fedora hat , a cool beanie hat. If you don’t like a hat, invest in one of the . Combine your hat with a matching scarf and gloves for a stunning tonal look or add a playful touch with different colors. Team your hat in the same style as your coat and make a true fashion statement!

Scarves Scarves are the ideal winter accessory for extra warmth and style. Create a luxurious look with a

classic cashmere scarf of aim for a fashionable twist with a chuncky knitted oversized scarf. This winter’s must-have? A chunky knitted poncho scarf. The perfect piece to drape or wear with a knot at front. Layer your poncho scarf over all your coats and jackets – from tough biker jackets to a classic cloak. Team your scarves with a matching hat and gloves for a stunning set or pair your scarf with multicolored accessories for an edgy playful outfit.

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